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An embodiment of glitchy modernism steeped in dark surrealism, White Lights, the pseudonym of Brooklyn-based pioneer Johnny Shankman (b. 1993), invites you to traverse the digital aesthetics he's been constructing for over a decade. A self-taught artist and computer scientist, White Lights paints a dark canvas filled with shadows of anxiety, sadness, and betrayal, all the while reassuring you that it's okay to be sad.

Inspired by the groundbreaking ethos of net artists like JODi and Raphael Rozendaal, in addition to 3D artists like Bill Elis, he transfigures complex scientific concepts into emotionally attuned narratives, carving a niche in the art space.

Shankman has been recognized in the art world for his peculiar style, highlighted in Foundation's "New Dimensions" display, and further established with a unique 2023 grant from artist Kevin Abosch for blockchain-exclusive creations. His 'memecoin% speed run' also gained traction via news outlets like Yahoo Finance for its artistic take on memecoin volatility.

With three years of engineering experience at cryptoart company Manifold, Shankman has refined his understanding of blockchain, which he meticulously weaves into each artwork. 2012 marked the commencement of his foray into the musical world with his EP Ethers. His latest album NUMBSKULL, emerging amidst the pandemic, found acclaim in critical industry circles, serving as a testament to his ability to interlace digital art with ethereal soundscapes cohesively.

Merging emotional depth, digital prowess, and a musical past, White Lights offers a distinct perspective on the intermingling of human emotion and digital manifestations in contemporary art — truly encapsulating his mottos "sad, but it's okay" and "bringing emotion to lifeless spaces.”